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A universal remote control made by Logitech released on April 1, 2010. This remote control allows you to merge up to 4 remotes from your home entertainment devices into one using the MyHarmony application. The Harmony 300 version is the matte black finish version while the 300i is a glossy black finish.

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Why dos not work OK button

Why does not the "OK" button.

mechanical connection to the contact site is good.

By pressing the OK button is not lit LED and IR do not send

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You say that the mechanical connection is OK but possibly the electrical connection is not. Most remote controls buttons have a conductive surface on the underside that when you push the button, bridges across the contact strips on the circuit board completing the circuit.

Sometimes the problem can be fixed by opening the remote control and cleaning the contact strips using Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+. The underside of the buttons can also be cleaned using the same method.

However it may be that the conductive surface on the underside of the button has been worn away through use. Usually on most remotes the power button and the OK button fail first due to the fact that they get the most use.

If it has been worn off then you can try applying a thin coat of what is known as conductive glue (or paint) to the underside of the button. Look for it online, Ebay etc, I have had mixed results using this method, initially it works but it doesn't last very long.

Here is a link to a video that shows how to clean your remote. The video is not of your particular remote, it is just to show you the principle.

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