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Released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005, and in Europe on 1 September, 2005.

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PSP Analog seems stuck, always running right

Hello, had a problem with my memory card reader so replaced that.

Since putting it back together the menu's work ok with the directional pad but when I load a game the character just runs to the right all the time in Dexter. Tried with another game that boots to the menu and it keeps scrolling downwards in the menus (could be due to it going right?)

I've tried removing the analog stick, but the character still goes right in game. Also tried cleaning the connections on the d pad and the analog connection and still is the same.

Also I have to press down hard of the dpad for it to work (just the down arrow). Everything else seams to work ok on the psp 1000.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You might think this is funny but put a towel on your lap, like a bath towel folded a few times to make some cushion. Then slap the psp on your lap, back down, not front. And try it. Make sure power is off. I had something like this happen to my PSP, except it was always going up. Saw someone did this in google and it fixed mine.

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Still no joy


Dude no way, mine worked

And yeah its 2020, but i still own a psp and i use it :)

Anyways, thanks man. I was worried that i needed to have it repaired


Bro its 2023 and this technique still works. lmao cant believe it actually worked.


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i fixed this prob in my psp by taking out the small clear rubber connector between thE analog stick and the pcb and cleaning it with a damp cloth then drying it and putting it back in... (be sure to put it back in correctly) NOW THE ANALOG STICK IS WORKING PERFECTLY :-)

PSP 1000 Buttons Replacement This guide should show you how to do it. You might only have to follow up to the end of the second page (The end of the Front Case).

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Thanks a lot! I really mean it. I had even bought a new joystick replacement for my PSP 1000, but it still kept moving to the upper right corner. After realizing that the little rubber thing was probably dirty I cleaned it and it works just fine now!

If it wasn't for you posting this tip I would've just put my PSP in storage and never really used it again.


how to fix analog stick? i already remove the rubber thing but its stil not working


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@oldturkey03 I see him asking! the power thing I fixed on my 1000 by jamming an extra psp screw into where the bottom of the battery is, it only started after I replaced the shell but i jammed the battery into place with that lil screw and it fixed everything. I thought at first it was just a stability thing because it was missing a lot of screws but then i got them all in there good and it didn't make a difference, and i realized the somewhat random losses of power was due to the battery not being properly connected.

tl;dr jam a screw between psp and bottom of battery (at the opposite end of the contacts) and your shutoffs are no more

I hope this helps SOMEBODY

and that the slap thing works. a good test to see if you've resolved the issue is go into web browser and see if the cursor works

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My PSP go Sony company analog stick not working please fix it problem analog stick not working on gaming

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