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The TomTom GO 500, 2014 edition is a portable GPS navigation device that features an interactive touch screen, 3D map visuals, voice command, lane guidance, and live map and traffic updates provided through smartphone connection.

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Why does my device's touchscreen not respond?

The touchscreen does not recognize any of the key that I press.

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This problem may be caused by a faulty digitizer. Try tapping various parts of the screen. If the device is only registering commands at certain parts of the screen, registering incorrect commands, or not registering at all, then the digitizer may need to be replaced.

If the device's screen is cracked, then this problem may not be caused by a faulty digitizer. A cracked screen may indent the structure of the device and unintentionally apply pressure to the digitizer. To overcome this pressure, the digitizer will need hard taps. Normally, the digitizer will respond to soft taps. Replacing the screen may fix this problem.

Check out the troubleshooting guide on this device for more information: TomTom GO 500 Troubleshooting Guide

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The screen will not activate when touched

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The touch screen does not respond on the left side at all


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problem in the screen. Change the sensor. I had the same problem.

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