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The Nuvi 2589LMT is a GPS device manufactured by Garmin. It features detailed maps and precise navigation GPS. Part number: 010-01187-01.

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What might be causing my battery to drain so quickly?

The battery tends to drain quicker than I would like, and the GPS indicates that it has low batteries even after a few minutes of using it, even after I have fully charged it. Are there adjustable settings that could be causing my GPS battery to drain quickly, or do I need to replace my battery?

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There could be several reasons for the battery to be draining quickly. First, try decreasing the screen brightness, the screen timeout time, and the volume level, as well as turning Bluetooth off. Consider putting the GPS in sleep mode or to turn off the GPS if you are not going to use it. If these adjustments do not appear to significantly resolve your battery issue, the battery could be faulty or worn out. If having your device charging in your vehicle at all times is not an option, consider replacing the battery using this guide. Check out the Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT Troubleshooting page.

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