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A digital camera designed and manufactured by Sony in 2012. A 18.2 megapixel camera with Wi-Fi, GPS, and a memory card slot.

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Program Selection Wheel not working properly


hope you can help: when I select a program it is often lost. For example: I set the wheel on P but on the screen the selection is - M. I have to move the wheel just a little bit to have the right program set again, but sometimes it's immediately lost again.

Maybe dust under the wheel? How can I clean it?



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Now the wheel works (even if ha become a little bit harder to roll), thanks!



David, Glad to here it is working, pretty sure it will start easing up with usage after the cleaning. have a good day.


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@catchtherainbow , David, Sony Cyber Shot, remove the battery, squirt a (little) 90% Isopropyl Alcohol under selection wheel and blow out/dry with canned compressed air. Repeat a couple time and this should clean out the dust/dirt from under wheel.

If this does not correct the issue button internal stops are probably worn and button assy. may need replace to correct. I will post a tear down guide if you wish to dig a little deeper into your device.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V Outer Case Replacement

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