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Inexpensive 5 1/4" 4G LTE 2016 phone. Fixed battery, 2 SIMs, up to 64GB microSD.

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no incoming call audible ring

Ring volume is at maximum setting but there is no ring sound or vibrate when someone calls/texts or emails

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Yes I have my volume turned to maximum and vibrate on which is simple to do. I turned my android (BLU Life One X 4G LTE) off and on. The phone is only 2 months old and worked great until suddenly this issue 2 weeks ago when there was no audible ring or vibrate for incoming calls/texts/emails. thought it would be a simple fix but no results or answer.


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Have you checked the audio settings?

Go to Home > Settings > Audio Profiles and check the settings for ringtones, notifications, vibrate etc.

Update (11/04/2016)


Try making or receiving a call and then switching to 'loudspeaker' mode to check if the loudspeaker is working. This is the same speaker that is used for the ringtone. Nothing to do with the vibrate however.

If it doesn't work then as the phone is only 2 months old I suggest that you consult the warranty documentation that came with the phone as to what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

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