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The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus is identifiable by its model number: N911g. Released in 2011, the printer can be identified by its brown finish and touchscreen control panel.

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"There is a problem with the printer or ink system"

"Turn off, then on. If problem persists, contact HP.

I have unplugged the machine, removed the ink carrage and cartriges, does not help.

Any suggestions?


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Webroot is a bad security application which I absolutely hate. I recommend if talking to any support at all, talk to HP.


best Replacements to Printhead unit


Thanks for the tips. Found a dried out ink cartridge. Replaced it and it all works now!


Found a dried out ink cartridge. Replaced it and it all works now!


I had a dried up ink cartridge. I did the trick that you said to do -- shake each cartridge to see if you hear liquid inside. Works great now! Thank you!!


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There are a few possible fixes for this. I'm not going to list all the instructions here,

but here a few things to try, assuming you've already tried the general reset

procedure mentioned above:

Here is one of HP's official fix procedures for this problem:

HP OfficeJet Printers - Resolving 'Problem with Ink System' Error

Below, is a list of some of HP's suggestions from the above link, as well as some procedures which are definitely NOT HP-AUTHORIZED. Some steps involve (minor) risk of damaging the printer if you're not careful, or don't follow instruction carefully.

1. Make sure you're using cartridges that have not dried up/clogged, and that still contain wet ink. I shake them to listen for the liquid inside.

2. Clean the gold electrical contacts on the ink cartridges, and clean the contacts on the printhead, that connect with the ink cartridge . (as per webpage linked above).

3. Inspect the carriage path for obstacles (as per webpage linked above).

4. Clean the printhead/nozzle. If you want to do this the way HP recommends, read the instructions linked above, or watch HP's own video detailing the process.

HP's video tells you to do this with warm, distilled water, which is gentle so presents lower risk, but water doesn't always unclog the inket nozzles to fix the problem.

Others perform this step with commercial inkjet cleaner formula. Some people use their own formula made of alcohol and original Windex. Best viewed on Youtube. Cleaning with anything other than water is NOT according to HP's instructions.

5. Remove the ink cartridges, then remove the printhead. Reinstall the printhead, and reinstall the ink cartridges. Note that HP's documentation states you sometimes have to do this 3 or even 4 times for it to take effect. You can see this in HP's documentation on their website about resolving this error. As shown on HP's webapge, and also a video hosted by . There are also videos on Youtube which show this.

6. Check the CMOS battery. Apparently a dead CMOS battery can cause this problem. I'd only recommend this for people who aren't too scared of taking things apart. It's pretty tight in the side of the printer where the logic (circuit) board sits. That being said, if you have steady hands, are patient, and can follow instructions, well, give it a try.

HP Officejet Pro 8600 CMOS battery location and replacement

7. Some videos tell you to do what HP calls a Semi-full reset to fix this problem. A semi-full reset is a sequence of keys on the control panel that you press that resets certain information in the printer to original settings. This sometimes makes the printer "forget" cartridges dried up, ink was not recently pumped, etc.

See this video for more info:

How to Fix the HP Ink System Failure!

However, I have scoured the Web and can't find any way to initiate a semi-full reset if you are stuck at the "ink system failure" error. If you are not stuck at that error, then a semi-full reset is well worthy trying.

8. Some documentation suggest doing a firmware update on this printer may clear this error. As with above, I haven't found way to do that unless you're NOT stuck at the error message in question

9. Make sure the printer is plugged directly into a wall outlet, and not into a UPS, power bar, surge protector or similar. Supposedly, that can cause the problem as well.

10. Check the inside of the printer for spilled ink. This can jam things up or trigger sensors which are not what you want. I'm not sure what chemical to use to clean spills, but that would most likely be in the Youtube videos.

11. Try using aluminum foil or wire to bridge contact that may lose continuity on the inside of the printhead circuit board. See this video for details:

How to fix inksystem failure for HP 8600, 8610, 8620, 8630 Print Heads

12. If all this fails, your last option is that the printhead is likely damaged/worn out. New ones are expensive. You can get them from HP, but they are cheaper (esp. used ones) on eBay.

Would love to view a service manual for that printer.


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Thank you for sharing my video on ifixit, David :) -ADCSFXworks



i have a printer error message.

But i use my printer everyday so i dont think this is the problem (I printed about 80.000 pages).

Under the printer there is ink so i think the waste ink is full.

Can you tell me how i can clean it?


Thanks! Had a dried our ink cartridge. Replaced and and error message went away!


The first ink cartridge I replaced turned out to be empty. With a replacement, the printer came back from the grave. Bravo, bravo!


I had this exact problem with my HP5720 printer after I replaced two HP cartridges with new ones (old and new were genuine). Followed all suggestions to resolve. All without any success. Kept getting same error message. Needing to print one page, I put the used cartridges back in knowing they had minimal ink in them. Lo and behold! Error cleared. Reinstalled the new cartridges and all good! :)


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i also suffered from this problem. i may be able to help you.

solution 1: try new cartridges . if it fails try solution 2.

solution 2: see this video. but instead of using the aluminium chips i prefer cleaning the copper contacts with penny brite cleaner .[it worked for me , my printer was sitting idle for a long time and it damaged the contact surfaces.]. it is non toxic available on amazon. see the video you will understand. if cleaning the contacts does not help then you can try aluminium chips. but remember then you have to watch out for empty cartridges.

solution 3: if above solution does not work then buy new printer head form eBay. remember to buy only if accompanied by setup cartridges. this very important.

remember ink system failure message occurs when the cartridge chip says it has ink but the ink does not flow. hp uses a special ink which also transmits current.

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This method works I used the aluminum foil strips and the error cleared. I was able to get the printer heads to clean and perform the additional alignment procedures. The printer had not been used for 3+ months and had been sitting with 2 empty cartridges,


Good it works for you. the only reason I cleaner the copper contacts is that

1]. I like to repair with minimum changes to original.

2]. the foils can dislodge cause a short circuit , or they can fall into printer causing a paper jam, for which you have to open the printer.

anyway, moral of the story: use the printer atleast once a month.


What size/type bit do I need to remove those two "screws" that hold the board onto the printhead? None of the bits I have seem to fit it (all too large). I'm sure I can order it from iFixIt, but need to know what I need first.



sorry to reply so late, you must be already knowing by now. but still.

you have to use a TORX-6[T6] BIT.


I learned much reading this post. I ordered the print head replacement from amazon but returned it for a refund less a 10% gouge from the non-Amazon seller to put it back on his shelf. I did not know about the need for starter cartridges. The reason I returned the printhead is because after I received the PH I went to Best Buy and found a new HP OfficeJet 8600 multi-function machine on sale for approximately 85% of MFR Suggested Retail price. Plus I think they gave me money for recycling my old machine. My background includes 20 years in the Navy working at the intermediate maintenance level. This level of maintenance is usually more involved than organizational (or line) maintenance. When a fix involves replacing a CMOS battery or printhead, and HP has set up a means for recycling (or renovating, or refurbishing) their equipment I bow and get out of the way.


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Had this problem suddenly appear. Removed ink carriage and cleaned contacts with medical isopropyl alcohol wipe. Placed folded paper towel under print head to bleed and clean print head. Then realised had two generic inks (No indication they were empty!) so replaced these with genuine HP. Re-assembled. All OK. Been an excellent printer for over 4 years, just genuine inks cost a fortune in OZ ($160) for full XL pack. And yes new ones look junk! So maybe another brand when replacement needed.

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Form believer hp software has built in big

Court say u can use third party ink

One or more run out triggers codes that aren't relevant have this problem with low count's 1000 up to 50 k I think third party

Just matter of time run out of ink quicken

Have tried above solutions some work

Most don't I think solution re do software

Granted some gears are problematic have found only 1 out of 15 paper pickup

Would like to see court order of class action settlement just to see if in contempt

Party on Garth


I like to use the puppy pads instead of paper towels. (no leak through) They are cheap at the dollar store and can also be cut in half if they don't have the small ones


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Had this problem and still do. tried every cure on the web, nothing worked. can't get around the ink problem screen. bought a new printer head , no solution. last thing I am going to try is replacing the cmoss battery. Hope that works.

HP sucks. had this printer for 4 years and no problems. after changing inkt cartridges (the expensive ones from HP) the problem started. because I spend so much on cartridges I did not want to give up. $400 plus further I am ready to call it a day. Better off buying cheap printer and toss it when problems start.

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Well we already bought another printer so I guess this one will get trashed or recycled. Thanks


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I had an error like the ones mentioned above except mine said "Do not use SETUP cartridges". I tried performing a semi-full reset and now my printer is bricked... the carriage is stuck to the right, I cannot move it and I cannot access the service menu as the "back" LED is non-functional, blocked because of the status message.

Is there anything that can be done to force the printer to reset or unlock the carriage?

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This is the only printer I've seen that can take a 8.5x4 business check without jamming. My customer did get the error after clearing a paper jam. I replaced the cartridges. Then said there is something wrong with the black ink. Cleaned the cartridge contacts on the head and it worked. Then stopped, same error.

Also if anyone knows a printer that can take a 8.5x4 check without jamming, please contact me

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