Yellow Bang at Device Manager.

This error keeps coming up, I can't get passed it so that I can reset my laptop,..what can I do, please help

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What is the error message saying?

Are you saying that you cannot access Device Manager at all or is there a piece of hardware listed in Device Manager with an yellow exclamation mark next to it? If so what is the the hardware device?

Also what OS is installed in your laptop?

What is happening with your laptop that makes you want to reset it?


can you access the event log?


I don’t think he would see the yellow bang if he couldn’t access the device manager, so it’s a safe bet he’s seeing the same ‘Unknown device’ error that everyone else is getting.

You know the one, where you right click and hit Properties and there’s no information since if there was, you’d be able to locate drivers LOL.


Gotta love Windows - since it doesn't recognize the device, you can't get its driver. I've found them by looking at all other common devices (sound, enet, wifi etc) and Sometimes you spot one missing. You can also shotgun it with reinstalling all drivers. At least you'll have the latest versions.


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