Convert 12V Belkin UPS to Multi-Volt Bench Power Supply/Jumper

I'm taking an older Belkin UPS, the model that was used with AT&T Uverse several years back, that's been in disuse for some time. And trying to turn it into a power source, that I can use, mostly to jumpstart "dead," batteries for various electronic devices, but an emphasis on mobile technology like tablets and the like. A lot of Chinese Android tablets, older Kindle Fire tablets and others are seemingly "dead," but the truth is they powered off during a cycle that didn't finish and they need to be boosted to working order once again. And who knows what else I could jump with it...if the 12V still is able to be used, and I could attack heavier duty cabling to one post, could I jumpstart a vehicle?

**Let me say, that I had the UPS laying around, I"d always figured I'd do something with it. I realize that there may be better ways to accomplish what I'm after. Ways that won't require work on my part. But I'm also expanding my ability with electronics, and would enjoy the challenge of building this, furthermore I've got a spot all picked out where it will hang on my wall behind my desk and I've alrady spliced up the AC cable to a negative and positive nodes that can be used with little alligator clips soldered to them.

That said, I've already replaced the 12V battery that comes inside the UPS, because it was DOA. I need to be able to reduce this 12v battery to each of the wattages you mentioned, and setup a red/black post for each, that I can simply connect my jumper cables to depending on how much power the device I"m working on is safe to work with. I'd like to run something like 4, 7, 10 and 12 volts giving me four optional post setups.

I think I've found directions, in the video below, for jumping to each level, but what about all levels in the same device?


Thank you very much in advance!

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