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Model MD2614u / AMD Turion X2-64 2.1GHz dual-core processor

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Having problems with computer not staying on.

LED lights and fan comes on, but Shuts down and comes back on repeatedly. Tried removing battery while plugged in. Also pressed power button for 1 minute.

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Switch off the laptop and then remove all removable hardware and then switch on and see if it at least stays on.

By that I mean, remove the HDD, the ODD (CD drive) and even the RAM. You will of course get error beeps or messages on the screen but if it stays on initially you have proved the motherboard if OK up to a point. It still may be a power problem on the motherboard.

If it doesn't stay on it may be either a CPU problem or a motherboard problem, which if the CPU is mounted on the motherboard amounts to the same thing.

If you get this far and it stays on, then switch it off, reinstall the RAM and try starting it again and see if it still stays on.

Do this, one piece at a time for all the hardware that you have removed and if it fails to stay on at any point at least you know what may be causing the problem.

Here is a link to the Ifixit repair guide(s) for your laptop, which may help you to partially "dis-assemble" it.

Gateway MD2614u Repair

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