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Why do I get a blue screen?

Hey, I followed your guide for a keyboard fix on a g4 i book, think it was called "Installing iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz Keyboard". I followed the directions, seemed pretty simple, unhooked the battery, flipped over the keyboard, removed screws, unplugged the keyboard and then followed the steps in reverse to reassemble. When I powered back up I get a blue screen with the spinning pinwheel of doom. I still don't think the keyboard works so I can't boot from command V or anything like that. Am I boned here? I'm not the most computer savvy guy though I am pretty handy. Any advice is appreciated.

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Take off the keyboard, connect the ac adapter, try to boot the ibook and tell us what's happening.

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Try booting first holding down the Shift key. Next try booting from your system installation disk by inserting the disk and holding down the "C" key. This sounds like a incomplete boot to me. If it does boot from the DVD then go to disk utilities and repair the hard drive.

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The only thing I can think of is that you might have damaged the RAM somehow when you were messing with the keyboard connection. Go back and make sure the ram is properly seated and maybe clean the pins on the RAM with alcohol. As for the keyboard make sure you connected it properly, look at step 4 on this guide and look carefully at the picture and make sure your ribbon cable is running the same way

iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz Keyboard Replacement

On some of these ibooks and powerbooks there are no safety grooves on the connector that will prevent you from accidentally connecting the keyboard the wrong way.

To boot from a CD or DVD hold down the C key as soon as you turn it on, if you hold option it will go into boot selector, if you hold down "command + option + P + R" it will reset your PRAM I would do this as well just to make sure.

I hope this helps, good luck!!

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