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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6S Plus that was released on September 25, 2015. Model A1687, A1634

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Why are we repairing ourselves?

I have been buying parts from ifixit and repairing phones and tablets for some time. Today I found out apple will repair them for half the cost of parts sold on the internet!?! WTH. I am not talking about warranty repairs, this is cash repair "I dropped it and broke it" repair! why did I not know this? I thought it must be something new. I googled and found articles from a few years ago stating the same thing. Just thought I would share and ask for your thoughts.

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Can you give a link on this?


Originally published on March 2015

Another one here posted around the same time.

Just a few of many many Google search results

To me it's just a reminder to keep checking prices every time we need to buy a product or service.


Why do they not tell you that the phone will be outdated in 5 or 6 years I think they should tell you this up front, that’s not fair


@w4debor considering the frequency that they release new phones... it is obvious that a phone will become outdated very quickly. 5-6yrs is actually a long n time for this... it becomes outdated much sooner than that.


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That is what I've been saying. Recent iPhone screen and home button repairs parts offered on this site is absolutely pointless. You void warranty, spend more money than official repairs and still end up with a broken phone.

Battery and miscellaneous parts are worth it though.

But you can't blame ifixit. Everything is clearly stated on Apple and ifixit website, it's your responsibility to verify and make decisions.

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@tomchai completely agree. Apple will replace the screen on an iPhone 7 for under £130 over here, original new part, no touch/picture/frame issues and not refurbished. The screen costs around £150 on eBay and is definitely not original new, and you have to add labour/advertising/potential for warranty issues on top.

Battery and other parts are worth it, but I think all screen repairs on newer devices are definitely worth going through Apple to ensure you get a good quality repair.


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It's a shame, but totally true. I personally stopped repairing iPhone screens back in 2011 when the 4 began to take off. The 3G/3GS was incredibly easy to fix, but you can't deny that today's models look and feel incredibly better. Laminating the screen makes it harder to repair, but it makes the screen itself look much better. Tradeoffs.

Personally, at this point I'd rather have the technological advancements instead of a phone that is easy to repair. Now, the laptops on the other hand... that still upsets me.

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I only just started replacing the screens on the phones and iPads and what not in 2013. The boss bought me the pro tool kit, all the parts and I never questioned the cost.


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The $149 discount applies only to the following:

The following screen repair prices apply if:

• You need to replace your screen due to accidental damage or mishandling. Accidental damage isn't covered by the Apple warranty.

• Your iPhone screen gets broken while it's still under warranty and you don't have AppleCare+ coverage.

• Your screen stops working and your iPhone isn't covered by the Apple warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+.

So your phone needs to have either original warranty or Apple, otherwise $349 is the price for the screen or any other repair. Also, not everyone is in a country that has this coverage.

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Your quotes are correct but your comment is wrong

It is $349 if you need something more than screen repair, such as you damaged the case, or the motherboard. If you throw your phone on the ground and break the screen and your phone is not in warranty and not covered under AppleCare it is $149 to get Apple to repair it. To buy the screen from iFixit is $250, and no guarantee that it'll work, beside the fact that you Voided any warranty.

I'm not trying to say that ifixit is not an amazing wonderful great help. Ifixit has been all those things to me. I just can't figure out how they can sell Apple parts for twice what it costs have It repaired by Apple With the 90 day warranty. The only way I know this to be absolutely true is that a friend just took his iPhone 6s + that he dropped to Apple and paid $150 to repair it out of warranty. the battery is only $79 for Apple to replace. My mind is just blown, I've always been a fix it yourself kind of guy. I just figured maybe there was some other reason.


A battery costs $20-$50 on iFixit depending on the model, that's not bad. Ebay has it even cheaper, but they don't necessarily have accountability. You're also not factoring in the cost of Apple care itself. Having Apple repair it doesn't always work either. I personally have had new issues introduced by those "Genius" people after a screen repair, like no signal or no sound. There's nothing surprising. Apple knows customers want to trade in their old device for the next year model. They double dip on charging twice for the same device, so why not invest in protecting it for the next owner. Again, not every one is in a country with these perks.


Just to note that a $349 is a replacement refurbished phone given back and data is wiped.


Everyone makes a good point. My perspective is that if it is cheaper, or almost the same cost to have it done by Apple, that's the best course of action and that is what I tell my customers. That said, not everyone in the world has easy access to an Apple Store nor official service. The other thing to remember is that Apple can, and will, charge the higher OOW cost if they can. If you have a damaged housing, it will not cost you 149$.

So there are options for everybody. You don't have to buy a high priced 6S screen from on is forcing you. But if Apple wont do a low cost repair, that may very well be you're only option.


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Apple, for the beginning of the lifespan of the phone (first 6mo-1yr) Will subsidize the cost of the repair. they will only be this much for a short period, then go back to being silly expensive. This has been the case since the iPhone 5. My store specifically, during this time, suggest going to apple, so when the costs go up, they remember who pointed them in the direction of the most affordable repair, and come back to us. We also advertise same day repair, and a lifetime warranty on our part. some customers even pay for that quality and speed over the OEM repair.

On top of this, if an apple frame has the slightest bowing, or a dent, or water damage, apple will not even touch it, let alone repair it.

All of these are reasons customers come to our store

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So what does your store charge to replace a screen on an iPhone 6s+ With drop damage?


we have a graded repair system.

R Grade parts - 175$ CAD

A Grade parts - 255$ CAD

S+ Grade parts- 299$ CAD

The S+ Grade gets the life time warranty, while the A and R grade get 6 month


So tell me why wouldn't I want to take that phone described to apple and pay $149 for the same repair. Depending on what grade I would save between $26-150 to have the exact same service performed by the manufacture with manufacture warranty parts.


apple will not, (At least in ontario) do the repair if the device has a dent in the frame, or a bowing in the frame, if there is even a water damage marker tripped, or any further signs of abuse. (The device has to be mint, other than the screen for them to work on it.)

Apple also does the repair only within the warranty period of the phone, and only with proof of purchase. (no second hand phones).

As well as this, there is no extended warranty on the phone. IF something goes wrong with the part, they will not warranty the part outside of your initial warranty period. (Date of phone purchase)

As well, you need to make an appointment with apple, where as we keep parts in stock for same day repair withing 2 hours of coming in. no appointments.

Many reasons people come in still, and i repair approximately 3-5 a week.


also, your price is in USD

CAD is .74 Right now

iPhone 6s Plus CA$189


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