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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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I replaced the turntable motor but the plate still doesnt turn

turntable won`t turn I have already replaced the drive motor what next

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Is it a belt drive or tire drive? Does shaft on the new motor spin? Make and model number might be helpful too.


Oh sorry I see it is a microwave now and not a conventional turn table.


changed turntable motor on r930cs-f sharp microwave still does not spin why ?


cannot get turntable to spin why ?


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Hi @fellow ,

Take the plate off the roller ring and remove the plate from the oven. Then turn on the microwave (in the normal manner) to see if the motor spindle is turning. A couple of seconds is enough to verify that the motor is turning. It shouldn't be a problem if you only turn the oven on for a few seconds on a very low setting

Be safety aware :

Obviously you have to peer through the viewing window to see this as microwave ovens are dangerous. Do not bypass the door safety interlocks and leave the door open to get a better view.

If it does turn, check all the rollers on the roller ring (or star) for flat spots.

If there are flat spots the plate will not rotate as the motor is not powerful enough to overcome them.

Unfortunately you cannot replace individual rollers, you will have to purchase a complete new roller ring (or star).

If you search online for Kenmore (insert model number) spare parts or roller ring, you will get results for suppliers of parts for your microwave.

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Hi @jeffrykenya ,

Not sure if you fixed your problem or not but here’s a link to the service manual for a Sharp R930CS which may help. Not exactly the same model number but hopefully close enough.

Here’s an image taken from the service manual which may help

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If the turntable motor or the convection motor don’t turn it may be a problem with the secondary door interlock switch (green box).

If the turntable motor only does not turn and since you have replaced the motor, it may be a loose connection at the points shown by the red arrows.

However if the oven lamp lights then check the wiring between the secondary interlock switch and the turntable motor and also between the oven lamp and the turntable motor.

Be safety aware when testing, use an Ohmmeter and totally disconnect the power from the microwave oven and be aware of the microwave capacitor as it can give a nasty shock and may even be lethal (depending on medical condition).

Microwave ovens are dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If in any doubt, leave it to the experts

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