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A metallic touchscreen notebook released in July 2013. The ASUS VivoBook S300CA-BBI5T01 has an Intel Core i73517U Processor that utilizes Windows 8, among other editions.

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why? my loptop doesent work

my loptop doesnt work keyboard and mouse pad even if i use mouse or another key board

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Need better description of the problem. Do you get a beep error or blinking lights? Does the computer boot to log in or start?


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Do you know if you got the latest Windows 10 Creators update 12/04/2017 installed? It update to Win 10 to ver.1703

If so other people who are also having Asus mouse/touchpad/keyboard problems are complaining about it.

Don't know the answer but you could try the following and see if it works.

1. Use another PC to download the latest Asus Win 10 ''ATK Package'' and'' Smart Gesture'' drivers to a USB drive.

2. Do a system restore on your laptop from the Windows Recovery Environment to a point before the problem occurred.

This can be done by either using the Win 10 Recovery USB disc (that you should really have made at one time or another. It can be made from any working Win 10 PC - go to Control panel > Recovery and find the link)


use the following procedure:

Start the laptop, when it boots into Windows allow a few seconds (or if it reaches the desktop) and then force stop the laptop by holding the power button until the laptop completely shuts down. When completely shut down, start again and do exactly the same thing i.e. start > boot > force shutdown. Then do it again, On the 3rd attempt (maybe the 4th) the laptop should boot into the WRE.

Select Troubleshooting > Advanced > System Restore ( DO NOT select Reset this PC as this will erase all your data and re install Windows)

Here is a link that may be of some help.

3. Once the system has been restored to an earlier point and starts normally and that your trackpad/keyboard work OK, ensure that you stay OFFLINE by disconnecting your internet connection. This will prevent Windows from trying to download and install the update again. This is only necessary until you get the drivers updated

4. Plug in the USB which holds the previously downloaded latest ATK Package and Smart Gesture drivers and update the drivers. Ensure that the ATK package is installed first, before the Smart Gesture. (see Notes: on driver download webpage in link above regarding installation)

5. Once both have been updated , restart the laptop and make sure that it still works OK. if so reconnect to the internet. It might take a while for Windows to update again as it is slowly being rolled out. You will just have to wait and see unless you wish to try a manual update and see if the problem has been resolved.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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