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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Why does my ue boom crackel

some one through my bag with my ue boom 2 in it and now it crackles when i play anyting above 1/4 volume

does anyone know how to fix this

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Just reread your question> You have a boom 2,. I briefly did some digging and the following is to factory reset :

  1. Turn on your UE Boom.
  2. Hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time until you hear a sound. Your UE Boom will then turn off.
  3. Turn it back on and try to pair it with your device again.

Source: UE Boom Troubleshooting

For Boom (1st gen)

Give factory resetting it a try, with it on and nothing connected (paired) to it, hold for 15 seconds all four buttons on speaker, power, bluetooth and volume up/down). If it works the speaker will just turn itself off.

Once that is done reconnect to (i’m assuming you are using the app?) phone and update software from App. (UE Boom) if it is above 7.0.0 firmware you should only need to do the app update if there it is below 7.0.0 ,there was something else you needto download.

From there there were some settings they told me to look at but they I never changed any of them so I cannot remember them. But they I remember they said to connect it to a couple different devices for testing purposes.

If it is below 7.0.0 I can try find the email exchange i had with tech support and get you download link.

Hope this helps.

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I have same problem, mine is updated to 10.0.13 and still have same problem, please help me


Bought mine new updated but always crackled and seems like it struggling to connect with my other boom apart from that it's a good bit of kit if you get it sorted give us a shout cheerd


Mine currently is working since I did the fix, God only knows how long ago. I will try and work out a solution and get back to you all


It works with the new UE megaboom 3 too. But after like 5mins the crackling came back.


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I had the same problem with crackling sounds. I discovered I had base boosted my Spotify equaliser settings too much.

Switched back to a suggested option and it was fine.

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Cheers Tom Wright. Tried all that mate. Turned out to be a knackerd one. Off Amazon but Fairplay to em, they sent a new one out and then asked me to send the knackered one back so all good. Got two boom 2's and getting the megaboom pukka sound. Love my music, that's our stereo in our house. And our system in the garden in the summer. For the size, the money, the sound there the nuts. Cheers fella


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I have had a pair of these speakers for 5+ years let me start by saying they sound great when linked to the app using an iPhoneX. Since it’s onset, the app has been upgraded a few times and is much better than its original iteration.

I have the buzzing and cannot figure out how to stop it as a matter of fact … even with disconnecting the speakers from:

themselves via the app

forgetting the device on Bluetooth

and actually turning off power on the device they buzz if they are plugged in. That’s right the physical power button depressed no lights on and ….buzzing only while plugged in.

I also have issues with connecting to the satellite speaker when using the app. It will hesitate for up to 30 seconds and sometimes drops the second speaker once connected.

When trying to power down the main speaker from the app with only the “main” speaker powered up… the app will notify me that I will be ending a party up session. Which I just ended by disconnecting the satellite speaker in the app.

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It has been several additional months since my last post ...These UE Boom speakers continue popping. I contacted UE Boom customer service and they provided me with trouble shooting instructions.

I have tried all of these steps TWICE now with no change in the popping.

In short still great sounding speaker when they are working... unfortunately I do not recommend purchasing any UE Boom speakers ..... it is 2019 and I have been struggling with this popping for years. I am tired of pairing and in pairing several times a day... it is EXTREMELY poor CS and QA.

Here is their final reply ..

“Good day Joe!

Thank you for responding and sorry if the troubleshooting steps we provided didnt resolve the issue. Unfortunately, the devices are already out of warranty and we dont have a repair service for our devices. What we can offer is a 30% discount code that you can use on our website. Please let us know if you want the discount code for us to submit a request for it. Thank you!”


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