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16 Eylül 2016'da satışa sunulmuştur. Model 1660, 1778 GSM ya da CDMA olarak 32, 128 ya da 256 GB kapasitelerinde ve Altın Gülü, altın, gümüş, siyah ve simsiyah renklerinde satılır.

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Rogue iPhone 7 screen problems

Have any other repair shops had rogue iphone 7's in that wont accept certain screens or have really bizarre problems ?

Iv done a few now and have had no problems other than 2 rogue phones.

Rogue phone 1 probably a month ago now when fitted with a high copy screen displayed nothing, just a black screen. Put a different suppliers high copy screen on and the home button wouldn't work. Put an oem screen on from China (original digitiser / lcd, re glassed with aftermarket glass) and it works fine.

Usually I would put this down to bad parts, but I have since fitted both of the screens I tried on those phones to other phones and not had any issues or complaints from customers, the black screen works 100% fine and the no home button screen 100% fine.

Then today I had another rogue phone, with the same black screen problem, number 2 rogue phone the touchscreen wouldnt work on on screen from one supplier and was black from the other.

The weird thing about all of this is as far as I can see they are all running pretty much the same ios version (New IOS 11 keypad etc), so its as though these particular phones were manufactured differently to the others, as the non working screens on these rogue phones work fine with other phones and iv had no customer complains related to them.

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Not sure if this is related to what you are experiencing, but Minho @refectio has a great Blog explaining what he has found regarding issues similar to yours...

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Thanks for that, id understand if the rogue ones were on ios 11 and others wernt, but the weird thing is the problem one I had a month ago has 10.3 on it, and the latest has had 11, but so have all the working ones. Its very very odd, seems the only way round it is to keep in several different suppliers screens in.


I understand what you are saying, maybe someone else has a better answer for you that would address that. Best of luck though and please repost if you figure it out! :)


Thanks for the info, the blog is an interesting read, il update if I find anything else.


So im just reading this :

it relates to the 6s and apparently they sourced the cpu from two different places on that model, so not sure if they did the same with the 7. If that was the case, that 'may' account for slight hardware differences.


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