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Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers.

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Will not move forward or reverse

Have a Craftsman ZT7000 zero turn riding mower. Used it two days ago, now it will not move forward or reverse. Starts great, blades engage, belts are tight, I am at a loss. The two "arms" feel very stiff when I push or pull on them.

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Have thus same problem several times a year with our Cub Cadet mower, I am at the point of paying people to NOT buy any mower with this feature!


Holy Molly.....IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

We can't THANK YOU enough....we couldn't figure out why the tractor would NOT MOVE at all. It was the easiest trick EVER!!!!


We found out the bearing on the clutch shaft was shot replaced it problem solved


My cub cadet will go in reverse but not forward. It's got a new transmission and when it's jacked up the forward works. I noticed that the pully and fans stop moving on the transmission when trying to go forward. I have checked everything that was listed.


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@themailgirl you do want to check to make sure that the transmission releases may have been engaged. Those are the levers located at the back of the mower, just under the hitch, that need to be released so the mower can be moved without the engine running. They are basically two rods that sit side-by-side with loops on their ends for handholds and it is possible for them to catch on something and pull out, disengaging the transmissions. In that case, just lift the levers up and push them in.

Block Image

Of course it is also possible that the rods have hit something underneath the unit and were damaged so that the transmissions are disengaged even with the levers pushed in. So check for any damage that may prevent the levers from moving. Even so you said that the belts are tight, you do want to make sure that your drive belt actually moves and does not slip or does not move at all.

Of course it could be the hydrostatic drive not having enough fluids etc, but for that I would need to know which drive this is. Craftsman usually use Hydrogear transaxles and trying to determine which one. See if you can take some pictures of your rear axle so we can try to identify it. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that the top fan/pullet location etc. is usually a good identifier.

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Hello I have a craftsman hydrogear zero turn the right side is fine but the left side will not Ingage it make a noise like grinding but wont move can u possibly help me out pls


This was very helpful. I just purchased a CRAFTSMAN T210 Turn Tight 18-HP Hydrostatic 42-in Riding Lawn Mower. it was delivered to the house. It started up perfect. PTO was engaging just fine. but it would not move forward or reverse. I was very confused . I did a search on the inter-webs and found this. went outside and sure enough, by me pushing that pin in the back, engaging the transmission, it then started to move forward and reverse just fine. I would have had no idea to try that. the guys from Lowes when unloading it pushed it over to my garage. He even started it to show me that it runs. but never went forward or reverse. And never showed me to look there. Just my luck that the small rod was pulled out. I had to push mine inward. It looked different then what you had shown above but I got the just of what it did. thank you for this troubleshooting.


If it was pushed, that is an immediate sign that the pin is pushed out, as you can't push it with the transmission engaged.


I have this problem, and have tried to push the lever in, but it seems to not make the connection. Even with it pushed in, it doesn't move. The forward-reverse pedal seems to not have any resistance. Any more suggestions? Do you reply with an email?


I have a zero turn mower and the motor will crank and the blades will engage no problem. But the arms won't move the mower no matter how much I've tried. Any thoughts?


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