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Thread gets tangled inside sewing machine

So I am having a problem with my. Sewing machine. Every time I use it. It keeps getting tied up or tangled and then gets stuck in side the machine what do I do please help

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When thread gets terribly tangled inside the machine the most frequent cause is that the top thread's tension is too low / bobbin's tension is too strong as noted by


When thread gets terribly tangled inside the machine, the most common cause is bobbin tension is too high or top thread tension is too low as picked up,


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First of all, make quite sure you're threading it correctly. Threading the needle the wrong way, for example, will certainly cause tangles. Read the instruction book very carefully. If you haven't got one, see if you can find it online for your make and model of machine.

Use good quality thread. As you start sewing, place your finger on both the upper and lower threads to prevent them being drawn back.

If the problem has only just started then maybe your machine needs servicing. You can do this yourself - see

If it's a fairly inexpensive modern machine and you've used it a fair bit then it may be that some of the plastic parts of the mechanism are starting to get worn, resulting in poor timing. Such machines unfortunately are not built to last. The one your grandmother had, cleaned and serviced, will probably last you as long as it lasted her!

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I'm just wondering if it's a thread size issue. Maybe thread and needle size aren't matched up? Which thread do you use? As Phillip suggested, make sure (here’s a nice tutorial) that you have threaded the spool correctly.

I would clean everything including the bobbin tension plate on the bobbin case.

I would oil the machine especially at the shuttle race.

I would take a fresh needle.

I would take the presser foot lever up and carefully thread the machine completely new and look how the take up lever handles the thread.

I would fasten the two thread ends when I start to sew.

I would watch the spool.

I would use a cone stand if the spools are to big and I would with certainty also check the bobbin tension.

If the bobbin tension is too strong for your new thread than the top tension can be much too weak. (A small test - try to put the cotton thread in your bobbin, take the polyester thread as top thread and watch what happens).

If I would get then a good result I would use a different bobbin thread color, sew with a medium zigzag stitch and look at the stitch line whether I can see the bobbin thread on the top or the top thread underneath the fabric.

If all that doesn't help (and if I were you) I would try it with a high quality polyester thread (but keep in mind, that some of the threads out there aren't made for a home sewing machine!) and start again to find the reason. It can sometimes be very tricky.

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What model do you have? I have a Brother sewing machine with automatic needle threading. It is much more convenient to use.

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The most common cause for thread being terribly tangled inside the machine is that either the bobbin tension is too high or top thread tension is too low as picked up by,

The tangle may be so bad that the tread (and part of the sewn fabric) may have to be cut out in order to free the piece. This can be avoided by monitoring the advance of the fabric when sewing. If it abruptly ceases, stop immediately before the bundle underneath the foot plate becomes too large to be withdrawn by hand.

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