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Broken iPhone screen - what do I replace

So I broke the screen of my iPhone 6 while replacing the battery. So with a cracked screen what do I replace? Do I order the LCD Screen and Digitizer?



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the part is labled a couple different things depending on the vendor.

Display Assembly,

Screen assembly,

LCD and Digitizer Assembly,

they are all the same there. this is the part you are after. so be sure you get both the LCD, and Digitizer touch panel together

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hypothetically yes. i would not suggest to attempt that at a home level. the full screen costs approximately 15USD more to buy, and is a far simpler repair.

essentially, the Hastle involved with the extensiveness of the repair, is not worth the savings.


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You need to order this if you don't want to transfer all of the small parts, such as camera and sensors

Or you can order this if you transfer them over. Personally, I prefer to keep the small parts and transfer them as they are Apple original parts and the ones on the full assembly are of unknown origin.

Finally, iFixit also sells a "Choice" version which is a higher grade of replacement screen, made to OEM specs as opposed to the previous models which are aftermarket quality.

iFixit also sell versions with tools if you don't have the necessary tools.

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iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer - Original LCD


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