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An affordable Windows phone by Nokia, released April 2013.

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Unable to open any apps

My phone was working pretty well.. but since morning im unable to open any app.. whenever i click on it it takes me back to start screen. my dialer and internet explorer and gallery are working well but not any other app.. i tried soft reset but its of no use.. can you say any other solution apart from hard reset as i dont want to loose my data. Mine is windows 8.1 version.

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@jayeff please help me.. i even did hard reset of phone.. still apps are not opening


Can you get in to the settings?


@ulees yes i can


Try factory reseting the phone.


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Sorry about the delay, probably in a different time zone ;-)

From memory the link referred to using the Windows Device Recovery tool

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Thank you so much @jayeff .. it worked ;) . thanks allot.. I had another doubt.. before i did hard reset of my phone i removed my sd card on which few apps were installed with some important data.. after the reset when i inserted sd card i dint find any of the app.. i lost all data with it.. is there any solution to get back my data on that apps?



Hopefully you haven't tried to install anything on the SD Card yet.

Don't, because it may overwrite any data that is on there and you may lose the chance of retrieving it.

Either connect the phone to a PC via a USB connection and view the SD Card using Windows Explorer (don't know Apple Mac but they must have something similar) or insert the SD Card into a card reader connected to a PC to view the card and make a copy of any data on the card. That way you haven't lost anything as you will have a copy. Remember where you copied it to.

Then look through the data and check if you recognize any that is important to you. It may not be able to be viewed but if you know what app it was in perhaps the app folder names in the SD Card may give you a clue.

You could try installing a new SD Card into the phone and then install one of the apps holding the data that you want onto the SD Card as you had it before and then look at the folders and files on the new SD Card and then transfer the files from the stored copy in the PC to the relevant folders in the new SD Card. You would have to do this on the PC although you could connect the phone to the pc via USB and look at the phones SD Card 'drive'

Basically you are trying to put the data back into the app because when you restored the phone it probably lost the 'location' of the app files, not that the files were missing if you get what I mean.

just do the one app first (if there is more than one that is) to see if it works. If so then try the others.

Good Luck!


Thanks! Completely got what you suggested, but at the end i think i will get the app with my data on my new sd card? Right?



Yes , hopefully you will.

If you install the app you want first onto the phone (and then the SD Card) in the normal way and then just open it to make sure it works OK (obviously with none of your 'data' in it) then transfer your 'saved' data to the relevant app folders/ files on the new card it should be there the next time you open the app on the phone.


@jayeff Hi.. I tried very carefully all the steps but wasn't successful as after replacing the data the app was unable open on phone. is there any other way to get back the data? I really need it :(


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