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Metal tip for rain umbrella

Where could I purchase a metal tip for the top of my wooden handle/tip umbrella? In Australia

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Thanks Jayeff but I am in Australia


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Hi @neets61 ,

Search for umbrella ferrules to find suppliers.

Here is a link to one supplier to give you an idea

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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@jayeff I never realized that part of an umbrella had an official name xD


Hi @neets61 ,

You may have to get creative and make one yourself.

What is the diameter of the tip on the umbrella?

You could use a thimble if it fits correctly (tightly) and super glue it on (thimbles in link only shown as an example.

You could also use a piece of appropriately sized copper pipe and do the same thing. Obviously the end would be open but if you extended it past the end of the tip of the umbrella by a couple of millimetres it would still take the impact and protect the end. You could always seal the end to make it waterproof as well.

If you wanted a "silver finish" look you may have to find an aluminium tube of the appropriate diameter


Hi @vehiclefreak409 ,

Sorry about the late response.

Yeah you get to know about a lot different things as you get older.

Sometimes though I wish that there was a human memory dump to clear out the unnecessary trivia that seems to accumulate with age.

They say that you never forget anything it's just that you can't remember it.



@jayeff -- I learned a new term today -- "Ferrules"!



Hi @avanteguarde ,

Glad that I could return the compliment.

I always enjoy reading your answers. I'm learning a lot

Thank You


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