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The Motorola Droid (model number: A855) is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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screen black still recieves calls

I have a motorola droid that still recieves calls but the screen is completely black so even though i hear text messages comming in i cannot see them. cant do a reset or anything due to nothing shows on the screen..what can be done?

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It sounds like you are having problems with your proximity sensor. This is what tells your phone that you have that you have it next to your head talking. It tells the phone to black the screen to save battery life. When you take the phone away from your head it tells the phone to show the display. Make sure nothing is covering the area to the left of the M in the Motorola logo under the earpiece. That is where the proximity sensor is located. You may even try cleaning that area.

One of the cures for this that I read about is to take the battery out for a minute. Then put it back in. Sometimes this doesn't work the first time. You may want to try it a couple of times if it doesn't work.

I've never owned one of these nor worked on one. My understanding is that the Original Droid has a slide out keyboard. A guru at the Motorola forum says that if the above fails try this:

You can try to start it up in recovery mode.

1. Press the "x" key on the physical keyboard while pressing the power key at the same time.

2. When the triangle with the exclamation point in it shows on the screen then you need to press the volume up key and the camera button at the same time.

3. When the system recovery comes up use the d pad to move the highlighted words to wipe data/factory reset. and then press the gold key on the d pad.

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My phone was recently stolen, so I had to revert back to my old Droid Razr. I have been having the same exact problem....until I read the answer to this post. It totally worked!! I just wiped the area next to the "M" with my thumb and the screen turned on! Thank you so much!


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data factory reset is hardly a solution.

It's more of an "I give up" act of last resort, yet vzw/moto csrs & tech support seem very quick to suggest this type of action, w/o even suggesting, much less, providing methods of backup prior to factory reset.

I dont have an answer to the black screen issue, nor is the answer above mine since there's no way see anything whatsoever to even be able to select options to wipe your phone, but to share some experience in what I've tried with my own blackscreen issue..

-touchscreen still works so i can still pick up calls knowing where to swipe. Blackscreen thruout operations so cant even see an M Logo on powerup, only thing that lights up are the Static 4 Home buttons at the bottom.

It was an already rooted phone w ADB turned on, so i was able to use Android ScreenCast to see my phone's screen while it's plugged into my laptop. After backing up all my apps w their appsData, and system backup I proceeded to wipe my phone to no success @ fixing the issue.

*Soft system wipe from the settings menu -- didnt work.

*Hard system reset from System Recovery (suggested 3 consecutive wipes), and then reflashed Stock Android. --didnt work.

*Powered into BootLoader, and used RSDLite from PC to flash a Stock SBF of Android (this wipes everything from Custom Logo, custom Boot Animation, Custom kernels, pretty much everything, and sets back to complete stock. This is what VZW Tech uses before shipping out refurb devices) -- didnt work.

Short of disassembling the phone to see if there's a loose connector (which i considered but never did) there's nothing else left to troubleshoot to try and fix the device. I just continued to use the phone via AndroidScreencast as best I can to chk txt msgs, and see missed calls, occasionally managing to pick up some calls.

a few wks into it.. the M Logo started showing up when I power up. No real change in use, or any attempts at repairs. But after the m logo, the screen goes black again w/o continuing onto the Boot Animation. Now.. nearly 2 months after, on the very day Im about to head out to see a vzw tech in person to give me a repair quote so I can claim warranty thru my Credit Card so I can use that money to pay for a new D3, I remember to plug my phone in for a quick charge before heading out, and magically, After tieing my shoes, I get up to pick up the phone and Lo & Behold, I see my HomeScreen bright and shiny w all my icons in their glory.


How did I fix it? Absolutely Nothing. One thing that may or may not be worth Noting is that for the first time, I removed the front plate of my Seidio Case. I've pulled the battery many times before so the back plate had been removed plenty of times. I put the front plate back on to hopefully "break" it again, but it continues to work. Also to note, the phone "broke" from texting one moment to another. I slid the phone closed, powered the screen off, and 1 minute later i picked it back up to answer a txt & the screen wudnt display anything. Another element worth noting was this was a refurb device that came w ScreenSleep Issues to begin with from vzw. Whenever someone hung up on me before I recovered my screen to turn on from the proximity sensor, My screen will be locked on black. Only way to turn it back on was either a battery pull, or have someone call in again.

Lucky me, I get to keep my D1 insteading of upgrading to a D3.

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I had the same issue with my android phone v. 4. 1. 1 and the problem was I've deleted some system apps one of them was the Go Launcher which made the phone go through a black screen or stuck at it's logo after booting, to solve that here's what I did.

NOTICE 1. If you can ring to your phone and that opens a black screen but with the upper slide visible which you can open the wifi then ring to your phone and once you have that screen jump to step number 8.

NOTICE 2. If your (usb debugging mode) is activated then jump to step 13.

or else please keep reading.

1- start your phone from the power button.

2- leave it open on that black screen or logo (whatever you have) till the battery goes so low and the phone will be doing one of these things

A) open with the warning msg but notice that the screen could be all black but you will get the upper slide screen option visible means you can slide it down or up . and that's all you need to see for now so make sure you see it,

B) or will shut itself .

3- If the phone didn't shut itself then plug the charger FAST to prevent that opened screen to go off or be lost.

4- If it shut itself then plug the charger JUST for a while ( NOT FULLY CHARGE OR EVEN MORE THAN 2%) or it will stuck again on the logo or black screen when you boot it. After charging it for a very little while, first diconnect the charger then press the power button and boot it. ( be ready with the chrger ) once it finishes the animation logo it will open the screen to warn you again to charge. plug the charger fast now and make sure the phone doesn't shut down or you will need to repeat the operation over and over till you have it right.

5- you may now chrge it for 20% or so and perform the other steps ( you can work while charging but first wait till it's charged for 20 % just to prevent shutting down).

6- now you need to log onto internet from your phone so, if your wifi is off tun it on from the upper slide screen.

7- After enabling the wifi, you need the first wiper screen which you wipe it to open the main one so, press power screen to let the screen off then press power button again to have the wiper screen.

8- this step must be fast enough to be done. while wipping the screen FASTLY PRESS ON THE NET BROWSER.

9- if i wiped without logging onto the browser you need to repeat step 8.

10- now download the Go Launcher EX or any oter one ( that was my own lancher before i delete it and cause the black screen logo) I've downloaded it from

11- also download any wallpaper (I've downloaded the Asteroids 3D live wallpaper), and download AntTek Quick Settings (so you can navigate to the downloaded files and run the wallpaper and the launcher. you can download all that from or wherever you want or can.

12- if you can install the file/s then perfect, if not then the phone will open the settings screen and you need to activate the ( install from unknown sources) option. then also press (development) and activate the (usb debugging mode)

13- disconnet your charger ( only if you're sure it won't shut down or wait till it's a little charged ) and connect your phone to computer.

14- all you need now is to install the wallpaper and the launcher into your phone (ONLY if you can't do so from your phone) so, connect to any program that can install the apk files into your own phone. for me I've had the Moborobo program on both phone and pc and they where already activated and connected with each other.

15- if you don't have any programs or can't then just log onto internet from phone and download any market ( mine is moborobo ) even if you have a market just download it again or another one because i couldn't enter my own pre-installed one. now download wallpaper and the launcher again and once you have notifications nivigate to it speacially fot the wallpaper file.

16- now install the apk files.

17- switch to your preferred wallpaper and set it then put whatever icons on your home page.

That's it. Problem solved :)

hope it will work for you as well. Thanks


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My moto g2 working but showing in only black screen how to fix this issues

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I have a rectangle symbol with a circle round it need to remove it to wipe phone clean of all data


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The Android black screen of death is an error screen demonstrated on your device when trying to switch it on. The operating system displays the symbol as a result of a critical error which can affect the system to break down. Accessing the devices becomes impossible.Only with broken android data extraction,you can access the internal storage and get them back.

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