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A 15.6" NoteBook from Gateway released in 2010.

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My Gateway NV53A makes a roaring noise!

my Gateway NV53A makes a roaring noise non stop !!

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Does it start OK?

Does it do this with just the desktop showing and no other programs opened?

Have you ensured that there is no disc in the DVD drive trying to start up?

Here is a link to the ifixit Gateway NV53A24u guides.

Follow the guides to isolate where the noise is coming from.

Disconnect the charger (if connected) and remove the battery before removing and replacing any parts

Remove the battery and then remove the Hard Drive, replace the battery and then start the laptop and see if the noise is still there. (The laptop will give a failure message on the screen because the HDD is missing)

If the noise is still there with the HDD removed then most likely the fan is the source of the noise.

Use the guide to remove the fan and check if it needs to be just cleaned or replaced.

If the noise disappears when the HDD is removed then the HDD is the problem.

Remove the battery, replace the HDD, replace the battery , start the laptop and then backup your data as soon as possible, while you can before the HDD totally fails.

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