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Repair information and support for speakers designed to be used with a personal computer.

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I can't get get the volume out of my speakers anymore

Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speakers

Great set of USB speakers with base unit that I've used for several years.

The last few months I can no longer get the volume out that I used to. These babies used to rattle the windows. Have changed ports on my MacPro running Sierra 10.12.6.. They have a separate volume control device from turning on and off and adjusting volume. To use you have to select the Bose driver in System preferences > Sound > Bose USB Audio.

Here's what they are (not cheap)

The Bose community is reporting problems with High Sierra but no solutions:

When I use iTunes I get about double the volume I do when using Safari. Is this a Safari setting I am missing?

I just played a song on iTunes, went back to Safari and no sound and the Bose USB option no longer is in my speaker selection menu.

Went to Audio MIDI Setup and speaker driver is not there now.

MacRumors has reports of similar issues with Sierra but no solutions:

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Hi @mayer ,

Are you getting audio from all the speakers or just some?

This link mentions how you have to run setup again and select Configure speakers > multichannel if you unplug the port and then plug it in again.


I get sound from all speakers. I played one song on iTunes and now I get nothing from iTunes or Safari. The driver is no longer listed in System Preferences > sound.

Shut down machine and did a complete reboot. Bose drivers are not in my sound selection menu.

Did a second reboot and everything back and running correctly. I do have Symantec Endpoint protection installed so I don't believe it's virus. Presently I can rattle the windows again.


This makes makes no sense to me. It's all working great right now, full volume, works on iTunes and Safari. But the previous diminished sound, then the driver dropping off line in safari but working in iTunes then dropping off and not even appearing in the drivers has me baffled. This has been going on since I went to Sierra. Bose still sells these speakers.

BTW I seldom ask questions with easy answers ;-)


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Hi @mayer ,

You'd know more about it than me but have you tried to see if there are any updates available that may have a later version Bose driver along with it?

Bose doesn't appear to have driver updates available for download except BT ones

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