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Way to fix a loose Headphone Jack

Hi, I've bought a Sennheiser HD-25 headphone, I've had this phone before and I know that it's jack has a very nice and tight fit. Although using it with my MBP 17" is a pain. With the slightest movement, the jack gets disconnected. Any way to fix this?

I had another MBP the very same model and the headphone jack was fine.


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Sadly the jack is part of the logic board are well mounted! You would need to replace the logic board.

How about getting a USB DAC unit to plug your headphones into, here's one unit: Audioquest -Dragonfly

Update (03/13/2018)

Here's a view of the logic board where you can see the input & headphone jacks:

Block Image

I was able to use a jack from a junker to replace mine. Apple uses a custom part and its just not available as a spare. This is also not an easy job!

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Thanks for your answer Dan,

I already use (most of the time) a dedicated audio intercafe, in this case an Apogee Duet FW. I monitor via speakers and headphones thru them. But sometimes I’m not carrying it around, so for the convenience sake I would like just to plug my headphones in the MBP’s jack.

Also I’m very fond of the DAC that you suggested me. Unfortunately where I live those are quite expensive!


Sorry I can't offer you a cheaper solution ;-{

Replacing the logic board will be much more costly.


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