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The HP 15-AF131DX Notebook is a 15.6 inch laptop with a sturdy plastic design and decent hardware It uses Windows 10 Home operating system.

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How can I fix a jammed charging port?

Okay I was trying to plug in my earbuds without looking and I shoved it in the charging hole instead of the earbuds one and it wasn’t until my laptop was about to die that I realized the charger wasn’t going in, it can’t even go half ways! I don’t know what I did but it would really help me out if you guys got back to me ASAP

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Hi @rubibean ,

You most probably need to replace the DC-In power connector.

You are fortunate as it is a plug in module, no soldering required.

Here is a link to the PC maintenance and service guide for your laptop, taken from this link

Scroll to p.66 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the power connector. To install the replacement part, simply reverse the procedures.

Here is the HP part number for the connector, 813945-001

Here is a link to suppliers of the part.

It is not a recommendation to use any of them. It is shown just to give an idea of the cost of the part. There may be other suppliers that suit you better.

Just search online using the part number only in the search box to get results.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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