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Repair information for the Logitech K750 wireless solar keyboard. First available on Amazon in 2011. Model numbers: 920-002912 (Windows), 920-003472 (Mac).

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Caps Lock LED Indicator?

Is there supposed to be an LED indicator for the Caps Lock key on my Logitech K750 keyboard?

Passwords that require mixed characters where you can't see what you are typing are a real pain if you hit caps lock instead of shift.

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Well, keyboard died so no more problem. My ne MacAlly has a Caps lock LED!


I’m very surprised that Logitech would have their name on this cheap piece of junk. I could have had my choice of numerous wireless keyboards for my new iMac. at half the price.

I just love my iMac. and I have a brand new top of the line model that I received for Christmas. I’m not a fan of Apple’s keyboard and mouse ,, the alternative keyboard was the Logitech K750 and I have a new mouse on order from Amazon.

So straight out of the box it’s quite obvious that this Logitech K750 is not a high quality keyboard and further the “ return “ key is bent. In any event I decided that the keyboard would be functional until I used the caps lock key.

I know there is power there, when I switch on the cheap little off / on switch I get a green light. There is no caps lock indicator at all, I had this keyboard sitting by a rather bright desk light all night thinking the keyboard wasn’t charged.

So away I go again this morning back to where I purchased this keyboard and I’ll have my money refunded. I’ll use the Apple keyboard until such times that I can find a suitable replacement.

This is indicative of what happens when you part with your money for items like these. You pay your money, you take your chances and hopefully when you return home with the item unbox it and set it up the bloody thing works “ as described “.

=== Update (12/16/2020) ===

I returned the Logitech K750 for a refund I then bought a Satechi Backlit / Bluetooth keyboard matched it up to my new Mac ,, great, a very nice compact keyboard.

I find the Apple keyboard difficult, perhaps it’s just me but I do prefer something a bit bigger ( sounds like my ex !! ).

So far so good, I ordered a new mouse through Amazon, that should arrive next week ,,

Stay safe.


Yeah, I junked my Logitech K750 when Macally came out with a better idea. I have their ACEBTKEYA keyboard, which is battery powered and has the Caps Lock key, number keypad, cursor keys, and a on/off key. You recharge with a USB Phone charger. Very nice keyboard,


Only jayeff is correct

There is no LED light to activate

What a small thing to ask for

What a pain not to have

What a piece of junk

Never again illogictech!


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Hi @sailor69 ,

Here is a link from Logitech which confirms that there are no caps lock or number lock indicators on your model keyboard.

Logitech recommends that you install their Setpoint software (link embedded in webpage), if you want to receive on screen messages regarding the status of the caps lock and number lock keys.

There are alternative programs available that perform a similar function. Here is just one example.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Are there some Mac alternatives?


Setpoint download from Logitech website?? "There are no downloads for this product." Logitech = never again.


@David Bailey

Here it is


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I'm not familiar with this particular keyboard but I suspect LEDs would probably drain the battery too fast.

But what are these two little grey ovals to the left of the on/off switch? Not LEDs?

Block Image

I agree, no caps lock indicator is a pain. Some computers flash an on-screen indication when you press caps lock but it's only transitory. Having been annoyed by a very inconspicuous caps lock LED on my Logitech keyboard (K270) and also with the lack of a physical volume control on all modern laptops, I came up with my own solution. See - easy to build, cost a small fraction of what you paid for your keyboard, and I'd be lost without it!

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This not the answer. The two LED's on top right are for the solar battery charge indicator switch.


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LEDs can still work ! It is just that the UI (User Interface) needs to work DIFFERENTLY than a WIRED keyboard. For example:

  1. Pressing the caps lock key could make a led blink twice for “On”, Once for “Off”, a second press within 2 seconds would CHANGE the status.
  2. A DEDICATED key or small button could momentarily light up a led Green for “On”, red for “Off”
  3. I am sure that Logitech can think up a usable scheme ????

Maybe we can all contribute an answer!!!!!!!

Logitech , Listening????

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My keyboard doesn’t have the same and I see your pain. Just found out that I can have a beep sound on toggle keys like capslock and num lock. This helps as I accidentally type in caps lock instead of the character “a” and locks my accounts while typing the password that contains the character “a”. Hope this helps.

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