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Whether your flute won’t play, the keys are sticky, or you have a broken key altogether, there is a way to repair it.

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How do you get a flute crown unstuck from the headjoint?

Okay so this may sound dumb but i was babysitting and they took out my folute when i left the room for like 2 seconds and the crown unscrews easy, and when i walked back in the room he has the crown over the flute and i tries to stop him but when i got over there he got it stuck how do i get it out? Myparents cannot find out HELPPP

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You may want to try hot/cold water in extremes.

The flute is metal after all, and is sensitive to expanding/contracting at different temperatures.

Maybe some type of oil as well, such as olive oil or corn oil. Just make sure you know what you are doing and it is easy to clean without damaging the flute.

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If you have a flute problem or are curious about a feature you may find my page here...

helpful. There is quite a lot to scroll through! I discuss the crown and cork in detail.

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