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This iPhone is unable to determine battery health.

Between taking my daughters phone to the Apple store, and ordering from ifixit, I went the ifixit route.

Unfortunately, under settings/battery it says “This iPhone is unable to determine battery health. An Apple authorized service provider can service this Battery.”

Is this more of Apples shenanigans? I didn’t have this problem with a cheap Chinese battery from eBay. That battery started to bloat, and dropped in performance rapidly, but it still displayed its health, unlike this ifixit battery.

Anyone with an ifixit battery that DOES show its health? Does this mean the iPhone with throttle performance without my control?

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Sadly more Apple shenanigans...

Try contacting iFixit support ( to see what they say. They may offer you a replacement battery. As for the throttling, I don't believe that the battery not communicating will cause the issue but I can't say for sure. You could download GeekBench to test your device to see if it is throttling.

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