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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone was released by Xiaomi in March 2016. It includes a non-removable 4050 mAh battery and supports up to 256 GB of removable storage.

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3.5mm headphone jack is short-circuited


I was testing my own FM transmitter with my xiaomi redmi note3 pro via 3.5mm audio jack as a MP3 player

I connected the headphone wire to my circuit with a 10uF capacitor and 10k resistor, and suddenly the mobile was restarted and, as a short circuit occurred, the mobile was warmed up , I could not play music , I could not record the sound and there was no contact, and the battery was quickly discharged.

what should i do ? is there any sound card (Like PC's) to change it? What kind of flaw can be

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@alisystem Your connection shorted things out on the motherboard. “Is there any sound card (Like PC's) to change it? “ no, there is not. It is all part of the motherboard. You will have to try and find somebody that has the schematic for your phone and can check the audio circuitry for you. This is not going to be an easy fix. The only one I have available would be for a Redmi 3Z Note3 and I would have to see your motherboard to ensure it would work for your phone. Post some good images of your motherboard with your question so we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question

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