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Looking for schematic diagram or chip part number

Block Image

Was wondering if anyone have a diagram for an iPod Touch A1318 3rd Gen. I am specifically looking for the chip part number (number on chip has faded) and orientation of the chip (encircled on the picture). Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Unfortunately, there are no schematic or board view documents to be found anywhere on the web. If you could take a clearer picture, we might be able to glean some info even if the markings have faded. Sometimes lateral lighting really enhances the image and makes faded markings look clear. The other trick is a drop of IPA in the IC as it can act as a lens.

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The chip was already worked on and it looks like the markings have been rubbed off when they cleaned it. I did try what you suggested but can't get anything out of it (I have a stereo microscope at work). Thanks anyways.


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