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Apple's third-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 22, 2017.

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Why my Apple Watch S3 is not working, after replacement screen?

I have an Apple Watch Series 3 A1861 GPS & Cellular

I replaced the screen by myself. The touch is working 100%, But I Needed to reset my device and after that my watch is not pairing with my iPhone.

Help me!!

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What screen did you use?


I bought in Aliexpress :

But now i cant pair my watch to phone


I think you'll need to get a replacement from them.


I strongly recommend getting a refurbished screen off eBay or just get the one that iFixit recommends


I did buy a refurbished screen from eBay but my won’t power on ? Any suggestions to what I do for that ? Series 5 replaced the screen.


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This is a bit of a dated reply but when I replaced a series 3 screen (see my ifixit repair guide) the display worked but I didn’t have touch and I couldn’t pair the watch. I re-opened the watch and reseated all of the ribbon cables. To my delight I was able to get touch and also pair the watch. The issue may be not having all of the ribbon cables seated properly.

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Are you getting pop up message like pairing failed on iPhone screen

while trying to pairing?

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