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Model M8407 / 550 or 667 MHz G4 processor

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Why is my iBook overheating when off and plugged into wall?

I have a booting problem with my 667 Mhz Titanium Onyz powerbook, that I'm addressing through the standard troubleshooting available through ifixit, Apple and other forums. But I've also noticed that when the powerbook (with good battery) is turned off and adapter (without led) is plugged into the wall, the center back of the bottom case gets very hot. After the occasional successful boot, the fan comes on very high and cools the case. Can you tell me what parts may be the cause and what other parts may have been damaged by heat? I'm pretty sure that the booting and overheating problems are related. Do you think replacing the logic board may resolve both issues?

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First try removing the battery and plugging it in with the unit off and see if it gets hot. Next replace the battery, download and run Coconut battery so we can get an idea of what's going on there:

Replacing the logic board is the very last thing I advise. We'll try everything else first. Tell me about your AC adapter please.

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Thanks for the response. The tibook also got hot when off with battery removed and adapter plugged into wall. I can't get the tibook to boot now so I can't download Coconut battery. The last 3 boot attempts: 1st) a short beep followed by a continuous beep. 2nd) a horizontally split screen, light blue on top, grey below. 3rd) the apple only, no spinning wheel.

The AC adapter is Apple M8482, fitted with a Kensington tip that plugs into the tibook (this has worked for several years since the original tip failed).


See if you can borrow a real Apple AC adapter and see if it heats up your machine. If not, replace the adapter (it's wired incorrectly). If the new one does heat up change the DC-IN port.


For the last 2-3 hours, I left the tibook off with the battery installed but no adapter. I just checked; the tibook was hot and the battery was depleted (4 lights to 2) and it would not boot (no chime). So I think the heating problem (short?) is inside the tibook. Isn't the power control part of the logic board on this powerbook? Should I still try to obtain another adapter?


Time to go here, enjoy your new Book:


Ok, let's try a couple of more things. Remove the battery and plug it in and see if it gets hot. If not replace the battery connector. If that fails, get a new Mac.


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