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Guides for popcorn machine and popcorn popper repair.

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Replacement glass for popcorn machine

Need a glass window on the popcorn machine replaced

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Olde midway 6oz P600/P650


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wclilmom  you forgot to tell us the make and model of the popcorn maker. If you can’t find a direct replacement any good hardware store can guide you to a glass or mirror shop etc. that can fit your glass. Post some pictures of the frame and the popcorn maker with your question. We may have more ideas on how to fix it. Use this guide for that Adding images to an existing question

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Hi @oldturkey03 ,

Just wondering if temperature rating, thickness etc may be a consideration in what type of glass may be used in this machine?


Hi @jayeff that would really depend on the model of the popcorn maker. If it has a kettle in the middle of the maker it may not, depending on the distance to the glass. As always, anything is possible.


@jayeff 1/8 inch


my glass in my popcorn machine has been broken. what type of glass can I use regular glass or plexiglass?


@Venessa Pettway

I'm not sure about plexiglass.

Looking at the specs for plexiglass, it can only withstand temperatures of 320°F (160°C) so it may depend on how hot the popcorn maker gets etc.

Perhaps it may be better to consult a glazier about it.


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