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Mini Display Port broken - Alternative for external monitor?


my mini display port is breaking. It works only when i wiggle the adapter and put it somehow in a very specific position.

As i use my mid 2012 macbook pro 90% of times connected to a external monitor i wanted to ask if there are alternatives how to connect a monitor if the mini display port is broken.

I already tried to connect a USB to VGA adapter. Was not recognised unfortunately.

Thank you!

cheers. henner

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Not sure what kind of monitor you’re trying to connect to but I successfully used a USB to DVI adapter on a 2011 MBP. However I found that ONE SIDE of the MBP would recognize the dongle and the USB ports on the other side would not. So you may need to try different USB ports…

This is the one I used:

There are others (for VGA, etc.) listed on the Amazon page for that dongle. If you have Prime you might order a couple and try them out.

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hi craig. great, thanks for the answer! i will try it out.

it costs 84 Euros in Germany though…


Yikes! Hopefully you can return it if it doesn't work for you.


Hi Craig,

Unfortunately my mini Display Port is broken too, I wonder if a USB to HDMI hub would connect my Macbook Air (mid-2013) to a HP monitor. Thanks!



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