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Repair guides for Gear Fit2, Samsung's fitness-oriented smartwatch, released June 2016.

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Device will not turn on.

I can not get my Gear Fit2 pro to turn on. I took it off the charger and till will not turn on. I just got it as a gift from my children for mothers day.

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Pplease tell me where to send device to get it repaired and or replaced.


How to return my watch to have it fixed?


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Battery maybe bad,or it maybe that your gear fit needs to be reset. When it is plugged in try and hold all the buttons on it at the same time for at least 30 seconds.

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Thank you. Reset did the trick. Thanks for making that so easy to resolve the problem. :)


Thank you! Exactly what it needed.


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Hi @todeemax76 ,

If it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period, just search for Samsung Gear Fit 2 warranty in your location to find out how to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair.

The warranty statement should also have come with the watch when you purchased it.

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