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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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My iPad Air only turns on when it’s plugged could someone help?

My iPad only turns on when it’s pluged in to a power source it shows 100% when plugged in it doesn’t show that’s it charging the second I take it off it goes to 0% and instantly dies. But when I plug it back in it turns back on.

could someone shed some light on this.

all help appreciated thanks

Update (08/23/2018)

Thanks guys for your help I’m gonna try to restore the software and if that is unsuccessful then I will but a battery hopefully that should be the end I will have a working iPad.

thanks for all the help

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One quick question if the Tristar is the problem will the iPad turn on or not


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Your battery is most likely at the end of its life. I would say that when troubleshooting charging issues, I would do the following (in order):

  1. Always try another Lightning cable and charger, preferably Apple original or MFi certified units.
  2. The Lightning cable 8-pin connector should be sitting flush with the housing and completely inserted. If it is not, there could be lint/dust/debris inside the port impeding a proper connection. You can clean it out with fine point tweezers or a dental pick. Just be careful not to damage the pins inside the Lightning Port.
  3. Change the battery. The battery is the weakest link in the entire phone and certainly for charger related issues. It is also the easiest thing to replace. Use a battery utility, such as coconutBattery (for Mac) or 3uTools (for Windows) to test the battery prior to removal. Anything less than 70% of design capacity will require replacement.
  4. If the battery is in good condition, you can use a USB Ammeter to determine if the phone is really drawing current when it says it's charging. If it isn't drawing current, then I would change the Lightning/Charge Port.
  5. If a new battery and charge port still don't resolve the issue, then you either have faulty replacement parts (possible) or a logic board issue. There is an IC (commonly referred to as Tristar) responsible for communicating with the charging device and uncertified chargers can damage it. Unplug the battery and connect a known-good (preferably Apple original or MFi) charger to the phone. A properly working phone will show an Apple logo and boot loop. If the Tristar IC is bad then the phone will not do anything.

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Ok so I’ve cleaned the l

Port with alcohol and a brush and it’s clean and I’m using a genuine cable and charger I tried to connect it to the pc using pc and Mac but no connectivity it doesn’t recognise it


I though it was the battery but the fact it doesn’t show percentage I wasn’t too sure


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It could be a few things but It really seems to be battery issue. You could probably bring it to a local repair shop and they would most likely be able to test the battery in your iPad. If I were to say to try anything immediately it would be a hard reset while it’s on or a very small chance it could even be an update. Other than that, everything points to a battery problem or worst case your looking at a board problem.

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I don’t really go to repair shops as they charge way to much and if they break something they don’t own up I tend to do my own repairs I can even work on logic board repairs but I’m only 14 so Instead buying a new battery I wanted to ask someone that may know more and have more experience.


I can understand that. I personally don’t charge for small thing like that but I’m not sure about where you live. I do get a lot of problems come into my shop that other shops caused and wouldn’t admit it. You could buy a port tester from a repair tools website that you could plug into the port directly to test it and sometimes the battery. If the device is powering on then it’s most likely receiving power from the cable. There are a few programs you could download to test the battery yourself from your computer. I don’t have any affiliation to these guys but they can give you a few things to try before you have to go through manually plugging in a new battery.


Alright man thank you and I’m in UK btw west London


Yea big city shops tend to charge for every little thing lol


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