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Model M8407 / 550 or 667 MHz G4 processor

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Display Swapping and Compatibility

Howdy all! Again, I am asking a bizarre question about compatibility with swapping.

Here goes:

So I have this Titanium PowerBook G4 (500Mhz Mercury), and I've been looking on eBay to get a new screen for a good deal. I finally bought one on Monday ($8!!!), and it arrived in the mail yesterday, and I equipped my PowerBook with it right away. I was expecting flaws with it, since it was being sold as is, but I tried it, and boy, it's nice. The only problem is, is that it seems to be the screen from an Onyx PowerBook, and not a Mercury PowerBook like mine. Therefor the actual displayed screen comes out smaller with weird colors bordering the right and bottom sides.

This same thing, I know from my own experimenting, will happen when putting a DVI Titanium PowerBook display on the computer as the graphics card is simply not equipped to recognize such proportions.

The other thing with this display (I believe it's a compatibility issue) is that it will not sleep when you close the screen. It does sleep when you tell it to via the  Apple menu. And it will fall asleep on its own from the Energy Saver settings; and the light at the bottom of the display comes on and oh joy. However, when I close it after having manually put it to sleep, it does not awake when I open it. I have to press keys and whatnot to wake it up.

Additionally, it does not have brightness and darkness controls. Odd! (Even when you go into System Preferences>Displays there is no brightness sliding bar!)

Now, for the most part, I don't really think there's anything I can do about these issues if they are compatibility problems.

I just want to know if there's anything anyone thinks I can do about it. I know there's display resolution software out there, but nothing seems to help it display properly. What do ya think?

Thanks so much!

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The only thing I'm knowledgeable about with these symptoms is the sleep issue, so I'll address that one.

There is a small magnet in the display assembly. This magnet triggers another magnet on the frame, which activates the sleep sensor. Apple shifted a small magnet in the display around between models. If you have both display assemblies still, you can see this by putting the display screen down on a non-scratching surface, and moving a small screw around on the rear bezel of the display until the magnet catches it...they're a few inches different!

Unfortunately, these display assemblies are nearly impossible to put back together cleanly once open (the metal bends or waves, and it looks bad). So I don't have any repair suggestions....just explanations :)

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