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The Expression Photo XP-960 wireless, wide-format Small-in-One printer puts professional-quality photo printing at your fingertips. The printer uses a 6 color Ultra HD ink system. The printer uses a 4.3" touchscreen for navigation. The printer supports specialty media and can accept paper sizes up to 11x17 and prints on CD/DVD media. It can print a 4x6 photo in 11 seconds and supports smartphone and tablet printing and does not require a router. If you use the Epson Creative Print app, photos can be printed from social media directly.

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printer blue light flashing but not working

printer blue light flashing it dose the startup sequence but nothing els and the touch screen is off

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solved my problem

regards Stu


Thank you very much; it worked.


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hi turn on printer then unplug the power source then click each printer release button but don’t take them out.

this may be hard if the cover is over them but still possible.

plug back in and wait it should tell you that the cartridges are not installed

then click all back in good luck

regards rik

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That worked! Thank you


Thank you so much, this worked for me today the 04/04/2020.


My XP 960 had the same problem and this fixed it. Thank you loads.


thank you. Worked for me too


Brilliant - worked like a charm. Thank you.


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I have this exact issue, did you resolve it?

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Fantastic just saved my bacon printing my daughters wedding invites it worked as you said


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