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Designed in 1991, the fourth generation Maxima arrived in May 1994 for the 1995 model year as the A32.

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Why is my car dieng on me when stopping or goin slow?

My nissan cefiro excimo 1995 not car pictured above just started dieng on me at random , its idles drop then car turns of and i have to start her up again it only dies when i come to a stop sometimes or goin to take of slow in traffic just dies at lights randomly and she idles up and then just drops and turns off at traffic etc any ideas what it could be pleaze it turns back on just had new battery put in but it still turning of ?

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Hi Josephine. I would suspect a vacuum leak. Are any hoses under your hood cracked or loose? Can you hear a hissing/rushing sound of air?

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Its the idle control, I had the same problem on another car, it got me really mad when parking, check the idle control of your car

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It could be an idle air control valve, but rather than start replacing parts I would start with the typically free/inexpensive solution of a vacuum leak first. To see if it is indeed the IAC, try running the car with the A/C off and see if it still dies at idle. This isn't a conclusive test, but it would point you in the right direction.


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I had the same problem The dealership charged 350 to tell me they didn’t know what it was finally I figured it out. As the Green pink Green pink purple plugs unplug them clean them and you fix-your problem.

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