Screen is Black and Computer is Hot

I have an A1226. It has worked flawlessly since Christmas 2008. The computer boots up, it - bongs to life, but the screen is black. I tried the command-option-r-p restart, but it did not help. I have not connected it to an external screen. Also, the computer is getting really hot, so I removed the battery and finally unplugged it.

I have read that the screen card goes on these units? Is that difficult to replace, how much, and would that be your recommendation?

thank you

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Without that external monitor test we're just guessing. For the heat, I would strip in down, clean out the heat sink vents and reapply thermal paste, here's how: MacBook Pro 17" Models A1151 A1212 A1229 and A1261 Heat Sink Replacement

The GPU (graphics processing unit) is soldered to the logic board.

Shine aq flashlight on the screen at an angle when it's booted up and see if you can discern the desktop.

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