Mysterious power behavior on MacBook Air 2014

Hi Ya’ll :)

So, i’m sitting with a MacBook Air, that is behaving very strange. Sometimes it won’t turn on, sometimes it will. If I disconnect the battery and drain the circuit by pressing powerbutton, and then reconnect it, i’m able to start it up. if i shut it down before logging in, i’m able to start with no problem - if i log in, and shut it down completely from the menu, i can’t start it again. Unless i disconnect the battery, drain circuits and reconnect it again. It does not seem to be connected to the OS, but rather a failing component on the MB - like some circuit does not get a charge - or gets too much charge, when it gets closed altogether?

Charging seems to be fine, even when it can’t start - battery percentage will rise if i wait a bit to disconnect and reconnect.

Has anyone got any feedback, or experienced anything like that - and can anyone point me in the right direction? :) I’ve done several repairs on MB’s on macbooks and phones in general - and are (IMHO) skilled enough to do a repair on this level, so i just need a genious :D

Thanks in advance brothers and sisters - if You need any info, feel free to ask - i’ll provide an answer :)

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Your symptoms should like the system is going into failsafe as the system is having a power issue. You could try running the on board diagnostics. After resetting the SMC as you have restart the system holding the D key did anything pop?

Lets also look at the power systems. Can you give us snapshots of CoconutBattery with the MagSafe charger connected and a second one with the charger disconnected Adding images to an existing question. Lets see what the battery & charger is doing.


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