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Chinese brand phone, runs AndroidOne, pentalobe front screws

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How replace my touch screen

I have a xiaomi MI A1 , and the touch screen has been cracked due to a drop on a floor

How to replace this touch screen ,

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How to purchase touch screen digitiser of Mi A1


Touch problem to repair please price to

MI A1 mobile phone touch problem please cost price


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Here’s a video that shows how to replace the digitizer in your phone.

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Here's a link to a screen replacement part, just in case you still need to find one.


Could you recommend any supplier in the EU?

Thank you


Hi @Στράτης Παντελίδης,

I personally don't know any suppliers to recommend but a quick search online showed this supplier (look for Xiaomi part Europe") which had these reviews. {Look for "(insert supplier's name) reviews"}.

Find other suppliers / reviews the same way to do a comparison. Then do some research on the results and trust your instincts as to which one to use.


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