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Chinese brand phone, runs AndroidOne, pentalobe front screws

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How replace my touch screen

I have a xiaomi MI A1 , and the touch screen has been cracked due to a drop on a floor

How to replace this touch screen ,

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How to purchase touch screen digitiser of Mi A1


Touch problem to repair please price to

MI A1 mobile phone touch problem please cost price


Touch screen tho theek hai but side corners me jo rabber lagi hoti hai Wo hat rahi hai, Jisse screen ki light bhar bhi a rahi hai, so tell me price


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Here’s a video that shows how to replace the digitizer in your phone.

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Here's a link to a screen replacement part, just in case you still need to find one.


Could you recommend any supplier in the EU?

Thank you


Hi @Στράτης Παντελίδης,

I personally don't know any suppliers to recommend but a quick search online showed this supplier (look for Xiaomi part Europe") which had these reviews. {Look for "(insert supplier's name) reviews"}.

Find other suppliers / reviews the same way to do a comparison. Then do some research on the results and trust your instincts as to which one to use.


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