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KitchenAid Dishwasher runs intermittently but doesn’t clean

Fills with water-wash cycle stops/starts for hours but not cleaning. Cancel-Drain works fine. I’ve replaced the sump and motor and the control board but still getting a 4-3 error, which is not showing up in any searches.

A lot comments mentioned the door actuator not making good contact with the door latch switch in this thread that describes the problem .

Whirlpool Dishwasher stops after filling with water

Model #KDTE104ESS4

Another clue-burnt wires leading to control board (disconnected during control board installation)

Block Image

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Thanks for responding. Yes filter is clean. [image|1594759]

I don’t think the sprayer arms are moving any water. The tub fills and sometimes sounds like it’s working but top rack not wet.


Did you check the float in the bottom right corner? If it’s stuck it won’t let the tub fill up properly.


Yes float is functional.


When I replaced the control board I noticed the outside of the panel wires that go the control board look burnt. Should/can I replace those?


is the error definitely 4-3?


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Have you checked the filter inside the unit? Page 16 and 17.

Also can you post a photo of your drain tube? The drain tube needs sufficient fall to prevent dirty water from backfilling the unit.

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Yes it’s 4-3.


I finally found an answer. The problem is the Circulation pump. Apparently this is different from the drain pump. If you replace the circulation pump you should be good to go.

Also I hear this part is expensive. Good luck brother.


I'm having this same issue. Circ pump quit. Replaced with new assembly. Started it up and now it just keeps cutting on and off. I bet this is what caused the original motor to fail. Any suggestions?


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