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Phone does not turn on. Board was reseated.

Have replaced power button cable, rear camera lens(that annoying part in the back, used super glue), rear camera, and screen.

Turned the phone on once the work was done and everything proved fully functional. Turned it back off and stored it for 2 weeks(May have turned it on again a few times in between that time to take pictures of it but can’t recall when exactly). Will now not turn on. Have attempted to replace battery, plugging it to pc, trying to turn on without the screen or only a few cables seated, no result. Completely dead. The device has been pretty much stationary with no use under my desk the whole time. Ghosts in my house came for this phone, perhaps?

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Not ghosts…but these guys ;>)

If using only a known-good battery and Lightning port connected to the logic board and the phone still won’t boot, then the problem is logic board related. You could start probing the logic board, if you’re so inclined. Start with the main power rails (PP_BATT_VCC, PP_VCC_MAIN and PP5V0_USB) to see if they are shorted to ground.

Let me know and I can provide more steps. Otherwise, you may want to consider having this looked at by a micro-solderer.

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I haven't tried a known-good lightning port, but I suppose that would only make a difference if the battery connected to the phone is discharged?

Unfortunately once matters of the board come to question, my knowledge is very limited and I don't even know what it means to probe the board neither do I think I may have the equipment for the matter. Still, at this point, it would probably be a pretty good idea to begin learning so. I don't know how much of a burden it is to elaborate on your suggestion, but if you don't find it particularly extensive, I'd love to follow up on it.


You'll need a multimeter with fine point probes, access to the schematics and boardview files (easy to find online) and unless you have great vision, some form of magnification.

Watching a few YT videos on electronic basics won't hurt either so that you can start to understand the schematic. Don't worry though, its a lot to take in (the schematic has over 50 pages) and it can be very daunting at first. Don't hesitate to ask questions.


Oof. On second thought, the multimeter alone is enough of an expense to change my mind. Not that I'm not curious to know what the !&&* went with this phone exactly, but after doing the math, it isn't all that viable of an investment anymore and I'll just recur to someone's expertise.

As always, though, I appreciate the input, Minho.


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