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Repair information for the Nextbook Ares 10A. Released in December of 2016. Model number: NX16A10132S.

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Have I been bugged?

Using FaceBook to read replies or watch videos results in my Acer 10A Nextbook freezing. It won’t release until I turn it off and on . After the tablet wakes up, I get the following message: Android System. MEMERY (misspelled on the screen) Touch to set up background cleanup. I just got the stupid thing, how can it be out of memory?

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I get that error message too! Did you ever figure out how to get rid of it?


Hi @Kristi Hearn

A mispelled word is often (but not always in these days of bad spelling and grammer) a sign of malware running on your device. Run a malware/virus scanner to clean up.


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If you are worried about being bugged then perform a factory reset and to wipe it completely. If you just received it then there shouldn’t be much in the way of data loss for you.

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