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The 2009-2014 Ford F-150 was introduced for the 2009 model year as an update of the Ford full-size truck platform.

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Why is my 2013 F-150 overcharging the battery? is the alternator bad?

I’m getting 14.8 volts to the battery with the engine running and heat on.

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Is this 14.8v the reading on the battery itself? If not, where are you taking the reading from?


How old is your battery? 5 years is EOL for most batteries. Hook up a known good battery in parallel and see if voltage reading is lower there. If so I suspect battery is faulty.


With the engine running, AC on AND high beams on, . My voltmeter says 14.8- 14.9 volts hooked up to the battery at the terminals.

Side note, Something I noticed too,.... the radio stopped working. My thought is a bad voltage regulator after doing research an alternator is only supposed to put out -3.8-14.2 volts.

So I guess it’s overcharging the battery? If that makes sense


Hi @cbutlah ,

What is the voltage reading on the battery with just the engine running and no extra load placed on the alternator, i.e. no AC no headlights etc?

If it is still reading high or even higher then most probably the regulator is faulty.

Don't know your vehicle but on a lot of vehicle models the regulator is a separate replaceable component - example only

if the over voltage is too high then overcharging of the battery can lead to the battery electrolyte level reducing due to the battery "boiling" and this could lead to cell plate distortion in the battery.

Is the battery electrolyte level still OK?


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I figured out what the problem was!

The voltage regulator in the battery blew the 10amp fuse in the junction box. That’s why the alternator was running giving the battery 15Volts constantly. After I replaced that and the alternator. Voltage fluctuated between 13.8-14.2 and the Problem was solved!

Thanks guys and I appreciate everyone’s help!

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The 10 amp fuse was probably for the radio? The voltage regulator is part of the alternator. Voltage regulation is not done by a 10 amp fuse in the battery, batteries don't have fuses. Why did you measure the voltage anyway, was something else wrong that you went looking for trouble? The alternator has a built in electical noise suppressor and replacing the alternator would get you a new one if radio noise and reception were the issue.

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