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Released May 2012, identified by model number J2011-03-US.

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Not sure if my Big Jambox can be repaired

I was watering different plants in my yard the other day and forgot that my big Jambox was on the other side of the tree and it got wet.

Does anyone know if there is any chance that it can be fixed, as it won’t turn back on?

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@cmhenderson that will depend on what got damaged. I suggest that before tossing it in the landfill and buying a new speaker, disassemble your damaged one by using these guides Jawbone Big Jambox Then post some good pictures of your boards etc. with your question Adding images to an existing question. Let’s see if we can determine what may have gotten damaged. Use a multimeter and at least check the battery voltage as well as try to follow the power line from the battery etc to see if the unit even gets power. Sometimes simple things like a new battery can revive the device.

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Sadly, Jawbone is out of business. Getting parts is difficult and given the cost of a replacement unit from UE Boom (waterproof) or other Bluetooth speaker will end up being cheaper.

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