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BeatsX pink light forever! please help me!

I was using my BeatsX like I do for a normal day … but all the sudden it stopped playing the music.

I thought it might be because of my phone, yet I check the phone it keeps working fine except the headset itself keep showing some sort of pink light (like forever).

However, when I plugged in the charger it keeps charging with red and white blink then turn pink again :/

I’m done with this crap!

  • Detail: BeatsX Black (Running latest firmware)
  • Age: About 1 year and a half

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I too have this, noticed when looking at the light it would suddenly change to different colors while handling it. Goes to red, white, or pink depending on how I moved the band that connects the earbuds. Ran my fingers on the band and sure enough I had a kink in it. Pressed on it and moved it to a certain position and I was able to get it to blink white, connect to my phone and play. As soon as I let go of the kink, it would turn solid pink, disconnect from my phone.

It appears after a year of use, one of the wires inside the band has partial come apart when positioned a certain way. Check to see if you have the same issue.


This is what I’m seeing too. In my opinion this is a correct answer. the BeatsX are physically broken. It’s not a software glitch that can be fixed by holding down any combination of buttons for 10 seconds. The BeatsX are damaged. Take ‘em in for repair. They will exchange them.


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I would visit an Apple Store to see what they can do for you. These headsets are sealed and not really repairable.

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Thank sir for your comment. I appreciated it. However, in my country doesn't apple store available and it is like a year and a half already; therefore, it is not easy to get it fix. I felt like it is battery problem :/


Mine lasted just over a year and a half and have developed the same problem. Sounds like battery trouble.


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I’ve hade mine for maybe four months?, and I noticed one day after they died that when I charged them and this happened

to clarify, they worked earlier that day, before they died.

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My earbuds beatsX they are doing the same problem, but i can mess with thr wire in it and it makes it turn red and white for the power button it starts blinking red and white.But when you let go of the wire of how you was messing with it it will go back to pink and stays pink forever.I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.

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