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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Black screen after water spill, no picture

I was unlucky to spil water on the screen (not on the keyboard). I could see the water drops out of the bottom of the screen. Then I let the MB dry for a couple of days. When I turned it on the startup picture showed and then it turned black. After a new restart the same thing happened, startup picture for a few seconds and then black. Now there is no picture at all. I inspected the LVD cable to the LCD and it seems it had got som liquid. Cleaning it with alcohol did not help. Now there is no picture at all. So the question is - I guess the LED is water damaged. Do you think it would be enough to change the LED or do I need to change the LVD cable also? There is no sign of spill on the motherboard. Thanks for any help!

Forgot to say - the MB chimes on startup and I hear the drive working hard so I guess it is in working condition besides the LED.


I need help on this same issue. Wife spilled tea on key board of a 2008-09 era macbook, model no. MB466LL/A. LCD Screen went immediately black. Tried opening up back and drying out. Also tried replacing the LCD. New LCD still black. Externl video cable works on a large screen tv. Computer processor appears to work fine, hard drive, usb, all applications, etc.

Not sure what to replace to fix. I see that Mayer recommended replacing the LDVS cables. Newegg has them for $16, not the 90 to 400 you mention above.

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I got hold of a DVI adapter and hooked up to my neighbours 20" and the machine works perfect. Does that mean the GPU is ok also for the internal screen?


I only need the LED I hope. Are there different parts or does this MB use only one screen like this one:

I guess there is no inverter in a LED screen.


Hooray for mayer! You are worth a lot! Thanks for suggesting I buy the LVDS cable. I got it cheap on ebay for $35 and everything is working fine now. Saved me buying a new LED screen which probably would not have helped if I had not changed the LVDS cable.


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Here's where to start: Electronics Water Damage

Hook up an external monitor to check your GPU.

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Since the external monitor worked your problem is isolated to the display. Here are the Apple part numbers: 661-5443, 661-5588

Here's how to install it: MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Display Replacement

I would first give the last three figures of your serial number for positive machine identification before buying any parts

or, if you can find the part, try the LVDS cable with USB Line 922-8282 AUO/Chi Mei/LG 922-8283 Samsung


I'm doing a repair on the exact same model right now. PowerBook Medic has two of the LDVS cables and I'll be buying one as soon as I get customer approval. It's $90 so I'm going that way as the 661-5588 is $400 to $500.


HI, not sure what you mean. Do I have to buy a new LDVS cable also? So a new LED screen and a LDVS cable?


Just get the LDVS cable and give it a try, you may not need the screen. Here's what I got: Macbook A1342 LVDS Display Cable SKU GS17886, from PowerBook Medic.


So this should be the same product (but much cheaper) ?

I will try that first. Will keep you posted!


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Check if you get a picture on an external screen - if yes you're lucky because a change of the screen assy and/or the LVDS will remedie the situation. Otherwise if you don't get a picture externally you might have fried the GPU.

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